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The Chief Medical Director (CMD) of University of Ilorin Teaching Hospital (UITH) Professor A. D. Yussuf has announced a major change in the formalt of the major programme of the hospital: the 'Grand Round'. According to him, the event would henceforth be basically for scientific and educative fora to the exclusion of other social and administrative discussions. Yussuf, said a special forum would henceforth be created for other non scientific issues just as he announced morale boosting jumbo packages for the staff of the tertriary health institution. But the hospital boss played up a caveat for all the categories of staff: "change your attitude to your duties. Make the patients of the hospital and their relatives to be kings. Nobody is immuned to sickness and trauma related cases. It could be anybody." These are the thrusts of the admonitions of the CMD to the motley audience at the November 2018 Grand Round edition. By coincidence it was the maiden edition for the hospital boss since his appointment few months ago as the helmsman of the institution. The CMD who received a standing ovation from the capacity audience as he sauntered into the venue, was ably assisted at the event by the Chairman Medical Advisory Council (C-MAC) DrMrsAhishat Saka, Director of Administration (DA) Mr D. S. Odaibo, Deputy C-MAC (Clinical Affairs), DrOdeigha and Deputy C-MAC (Education and Training) DrAdeniran. The theme of the presentation at the programme by the UITH Nursing Services was: 'Infection Prevention Through Reprocessing of Flexible Endoscopes, Nurses Role.' For the erudite Professor of Behavioural Science "we are surely going to motivate you all and make you happier. I mean staff welfare will be the priority of this management. "But I want to seek for your cooperation to henceforth make the Grand Round purely academic. I believe this should be the essence of the forum. We should extricate social discussions from it as it will enhance more knowledge and practical exposure of all and sundry." Yussuf, who copiously apologised for his previous absence from successive Grand Round events since assumption of office, attributed the development to the needs to constantly fight for the welfare of staff and betterment of the hospital as an institution. Addressing other sundry issues the CMD while underlining the importance of the ratification of the hospital board, said most of his policies' statements would be translated into actions when the board convened. Although he spoke off records over some issues, it is assumed that staffers of the UITH in terms of welfare would soon be a step ahead of their colleagues in other sisters' institutions. Besides, he disclosed the need for recruitment of more staff in some departments of the hospital at the appropriate time, stressing his resolve to normalise all such employment procedures as he abhored the sack of any staff under his tutelage. He however made a passionate appeal to the staff thus: "it is not going to be about the money we can make but putting up at all times the best practices in our duties. We are professionals and we should always do our utmost and leave the rest for God. Our patients must be happier ditto the relatives. We will all leave this hospital one day but the hospital will remain. We should therefore try our best possible to leave behind good legacies." Lauding the nurses for the exquisite presentation at the event, the Don of Psychiatry, canvassed the susteinability of the good works at their unit just as he advised other units of the hospital to emulate their kind gesture. Yussuf, whose administration has commenced rehabilitation of major link roads of the hospital and upgrading of the kitchen department, promised prompt procurement of needed equipment for any unit of the hospital on proper channel of requests. The CMD while shedding more lights on the recently designed Bill of Rights of the Patient, doctor and hospital, cautioned the staff especially those at the Clinical section to shun cases of negligence to avoid embarrassment of avoidable litigations by the patients and their relatives. He added, "apply for more workshops and seminars because we want to add to your skills. This administration will not deprive you of your rights. Seek and you shall find. We will do all we could for you within our available resources." During the presentation, hand washing was identified as commonest and cheapest means of prevention of contacting infection from patient to another patient or from patient to health care personnel through endoscopic procedures. Besides, the presenters advocated for more training and re training of staff of the Endoscopy section to reduce cases of disease transfer during the procedure. At the UITH, eight steps were listed as those routinely observed for reprocessing endoscopy whether the rigid or flexible types. These are: Pre cleaning , Leak testing, Cleaning, Rinsing, Disinfection, Rinsing in distilled water, Drying to ensure that no water is retained in the scope before administering same on the next patient and Storage, which must be vertically hanged to prevent moisturing. Unveiling its projections for the next level, the Nursing Services, recommended the purchase of Endoscopy Reprocessor to reduce the excruciating pains associated with re processing procedures. Other kennel of its visions include: the redeployment of only staff trained in endoscopy and usage of only compatible instruments for all the endoscopy procedures.

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